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6 Common Signs Your Body Is Begging For Help

Mentioned below are some of the most recurrent bodily symptoms that we tend to ignore. Most of these symptoms indicate an imbalance of nutrients and other vital substances inside our body. Instead of ignoring these signs, we should listen to what our body is trying to tell us.

That is the key to maintaining our health and youth for as long as we possibly can.

Patchy and irritable skin is a sign of dryness of skin that may indicate a reduced intake of water or improper external care. Add some butternut squash and olive oil to your diet and get some moisturizers!

This is an indication of Psoriasis. You are probably in need of Vitamin C. Add Kale, grapefruit and red peppers to get rid of this horrible symptom and its cause.

Brittle hair and nail indicate a deficiency of Vitamin B and Calcium. Adding avocados, almonds, oranges and collard greens to your diet will help in replenishing these substances in your body. Plus they taste great!

Do you often get that salty metallic taste of blood in your mouth? Poor oral hygiene and a lack of Vitamin C may be the culprits. Add kale and red peppers to your diet to avoid this.

Unable to sleep? Nothing works? Try adjusting your routine and diet i.e. deal with it the old, wise way. Add magnesium containing food such as green and leafy vegetables to counterfeit this one.

The nature of your cravings indicates the type of substance deficiency that you may have, so give in to your cravings! Craving salty food may indicate chloride deficiency. Try celery.

Sweet tooth cravings obviously indicate sugar deficiency so go grab that sweet (if you’re not diabetic).Fruits and vegetables can smother your cravings for raw fruit and hormonal imbalance brings about sour cravings, try lemonade for this one.